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Lose Weight Sleeping Position

The debate on weight loss is very complicated as it is comprised of many factors. Thousands of tips, recipes, and remedies are present on the internet for weight loss. Insomnia weight loss is an entirely different aspect which involves a certain Lose Weight Sleeping Position, you might be unfamiliar with. There rises a question that “Is weight is linked with sleep?” Yes! It is, poor sleep leads you towards abrupt weight changes while a good sleep helps you maintain weight. Lack of sleep weight loss is not a good term, it’s an alarming situation. This article is based on the sleep and weight loss relationship.

People trying to lose weight with diet or exercise should focus on quality sleep. Improving sleep matters a lot for a healthy body. The precise relationship between sleep and weight loss is vital to understand. Let’s start it.

Lose Weight Sleeping Position

Insomnia is the most common health problem nowadays. It’s a medical complication in which the patients would not be able to sleep or find difficulty in sleeping. The people suffering from insomnia try to sleep but they failed to sleep tight, as a result, they may suffer different ailments. Emotion problem, low energy, increased risk of illness and reduced ability to work correctly is the common problems that an insomnia patient usually faces. If you are not sleeping, your body will automatically lead you towards weight gain. Thus you need to get a proper sleep and you must know correct Lose Weight Sleeping Position to lose weight.

Lose Weight Sleeping Position
Find out Lose Weight Sleeping Position to lose your weight quickly in this article

How to Lose Weight While Sleeping Fast

Even the doctor says that sleep and weight issues have a deeper connection. Most of the women are often saying that “I am not sleeping well, but still I can’t lose my extra pounds.” The people should understand that sleep has a deep connection with digestion, metabolism rate, and appetite. Improving sleeping hours will not only increase the overall health of the body instead healthy weight is also managed. Insomnia weight loss is just a problem which you need to solve as soon as possible and start sleeping on a right Lose Weight Sleeping Position to lose weight fast.

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Sleep Loss and Weight Relationship

Sleep loss can cause many problems like illness and irritability. But the most leading ailment about sleep loss is weight gain. Sleep deprivation can never lead you towards weight loss. How? The answer is quite simple, let’s have a look on insomnia weight loss myth.

  • The primary hormones related to weight gain are affected by sleep loss.
  • Insulin is a peptide hormone that transforms your food into energy so that the body can function properly.
  • Leptin is a hormone that is compulsory because it instructs your body when it is full.
  • Cortisol is called as a stress hormone because it stores energy in the form of fat within the body and then uses it as a fuel in all day activities. This hormone regulates our body to work even if we are hungry.
  • Ghrelin is named as hunger hormone because its function is to tell the brain when it is hungry, and the person should eat something.

These are those hormones that are closely related to weight gain and weight loss. Lack of sleep cause increase in ghrelin production and decrease the level of leptin production and you will never be able to sleep on a lose weight sleeping position for the required amount of time. So, the person always feels hungry and eats more. He never feels full, so he keeps eating constantly.

Another aspect you might not know is, loss of sleep will also distress the body’s ability to burn carbohydrates. The metabolism rate of body decreases which cause an increase in blood sugar level. Both insulin and cortisol are present more than the usual amount. Due to this abrupt situation, your body will not effort appropriately and start storing fat inside the body. The fat is not processed instead it causes weight gain.

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Retarded Metabolism Rate – Lose Weight Sleeping Position

Metabolism rate of a person is responsible for converting food into usable energy. The more the metabolism rate of our body is high the more food is digested. According to researches, poor sleep affects the metabolism rate of the body and leaves the fat inside the body. Insomnia weight loss is not going to work.

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Poor Sleep Cause Appetite

Sleeping poorly is a dangerous state because it is the leading cause of many disorders. If you are working hard at the gym and did not take enough sleep, all the hard work is wasted because insomnia becomes the reason for your weight gain. Poor sleep increase your appetite, and you start eating after midnight which will add pounds of fats in your body.

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Poor Sleep Makes Unhealthy Choices

Even studies reveal that people suffering from insomnia are attracted more towards fatty, starchy and unhealthy food items.You can also read the starchy foods to avoid article. People eat chocolates, ice-cream, chips and junk food that age full of fats. This type of fat stuck in the body and is not digestible. Hence, people will lead towards weight gain by insomnia.

Hence, sleep and weight are deeply connected. People should focus on the sleeping hours because enough sleep is compulsory for them. At least a person should sleep 8 hours a day and must sleep on lose weight sleeping position to not to gain weight. Lack of sleep is the leading cause of obesity and diabetes. So, sleep well because it will help you maintain a healthy body and weight.

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Drawbacks of Oversleeping – Lose Weight Sleeping Position

Sleep is good, but an excess of everything is terrible. Sleeping for 15-20 hours a day is not a good practice and will cause dizziness. The risk and problem linked with oversleeping are beyond weight loss and weight gain. Oversleeping badly affects health. It can cause memory problems, people will start forgetting things.

Depression, anxiety and bad mood are also because of oversleeping. Your body starts getting down and fatigue, body pain is also associated with oversleeping. Even heart problems and strokes risk are also increased because of sleeping more than enough. The minimum hours necessary for a person sleep are only 8 hours a day.

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Best Ways to Lose Weight While You Sleep?

Some tips you can try at home to fight with insomnia and improve sleep are given below:

Set the Alarm

Lose the snooze and set the alarm for the reminder of getting sleep. An alarm will help you in getting the right amount of sleep. Daily use the alarm so that you can go to bed at the right time. Do not use the snooze button because it can disturb the last minute sleep necessary for your health. Only set the alarm for the right time when you get up in the morning.

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Quick naps in a Lose Weight Sleeping Position

Working a whole day from 9-5 is a quite tough job, and your body needs rest at this time. Taking quick naps will help you in improving the quality of sleep. Using coffee or tea in the middle of a day is not good instead try to take a quick nap because it is a more powerful energy booster and try to sleep on lose weight sleeping position to weight which will be explained at the end of this article.

Drink Glass of water after every 2-3 hours

Water is the cheapest energy drink. Drinking a glass of water after every 2-3 hours will control your energy and help you sleep at night solely. Insomnia patient should try this because it is the most effective remedy for quality sleep.

Don’t workout before bed

People usually go to the gym or go for a workout before going to sleep, it will take away your sleep. People should work out in the early morning instead of before rest. But you can do some stretching or deep breathing before going to bed.

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Take breakfast outside the room

Doing breakfast in the hall or kitchen is the habit of almost every person but for improving sleep try to have breakfast in the garden or outside the room. The purpose of sitting outside in the morning is to get plenty of sunlight to help reset your internal clock.

Lose Weight Sleeping Position

Now let us talk about the position on which you should sleep in order to lose weight while sleeping. I am going to discuss all the positions from good to verse and you need to pay attention to all of them so that you could have a better understanding.

1. Sleep on Back – The Best Sleeping Position

For all the back sleepers, if back-sleeping is your position of choice, you are scoring more advantages during shut-eye than you would think. Your head is standing straight up, and weight is equally allocated on your spine, making it the most orthopedically stable position, says Dr. Michael Breus, a clinical psychologist and author of The Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan: Lose Weight Through Better Sleep. And contrasting when your face is hidden in a pillow, sleeping on your back provides pressure to pull down on your face and breast, which is useful for those undergoing from acid reflux. With your head slightly raised, your stomach remains below your gullet, so acid and food are far less inclined to come back up.

But snorers, beware: Supine signifies the worst of all the sleeping positions if you encounter from sleep apnea. “Your trachea and abdomen are being dragged down by gravity, causing it challenging for you to exist,” explains Dr. Andrew Westwood, assistant professor of clinical neurology at Columbia University Medical Center. “If you get pushed by your bed spouse, that snoring finishes away.”

2. The Worst sleeping position: On Your Stomach

While this is great for alleviating snoring, it’s terrifying for essentially everything else. Seven percent of adults select this pose, but it can commence to back and neck pain since it’s arduous to keep your spine in a neutral position. Plus, stomach sleepers put stress on their muscles and joints, perhaps leading to paralysis, tingling, pangs, and overwrought nerves. It’s best to try to accept a different position, but if you need to sleep on your stomach, try lying look down to keep overhead airways clear—rather of with your head bent to one side—with your front propped up on a pillow to admit place to breathe.

3. Slightly good side position: Left Side

If cuddling up on your side is the most relaxed, specialists suggest sleeping on your left hand. “Sleeping on your right accelerates on blood veins, restricting supreme circulation,” says Breus. Because of this combined stress on your arteries, your body shifts more often into the night to provide the reduction of circulation, producing in all that interrupted sleep your Fitbit is tracing. The left side, nevertheless, concedes for cardiovascular gain, says Dr. Christopher Winter, medical director at Charlottesville Neurology and Sleep Medicine. “Determining your heart can efficiently pump blood everywhere your body when there is less trouble on that quarter.”

Score Better Sleep: No matter which plane you are clinging to, Jen Robart, a thermal therapist at Northeast Rehabilitation Hospital, advises putting a thick pillow within the knees to maintain precise arrangement in the hips and joints. According to the American Chiropractic Association, it will help precisely divide your weight during the night, facilitating that creaky sensation of embarrassment great wake up in the daylight.

4. Less Ideal sleeping position: On Right Side

If sleeping firm determines to nod off on your right, you could be disclosed to a fitness risk. Your right side houses your whole cardiovascular arrangement, so the combined force on this section of the body compresses your rib coop and twists your lungs. “You are most predisposed to undergo acid reflux and also organ failure,” says Winter. But do not freak out entirely still: If you are in excellent overall fitness, there is no incentive to bother that sleeping on your right side could cause infliction.

Nevertheless, if you have specific medical ailments like dyspepsia, or if you are expecting, you may want to pass to the left. Score Better Sleep: If you want to hold to the right, Robart suggests working up a little napkin and “placing it in the base of your abdomen to dodge dropping into the bed,” which can relieve tension on your organs and assist you to snooze soundly.

5. Bent sleeping position: In the Fetal Position

With 41% of grown-ups keeping this option, it’s the most common sleep position. A free, fetal position particularly on your left hand—is fabulous if you are anticipating. That’s because it increases flow in your body and the embryo, and it checks your uterus from pushing upon your liver, which is on your right-hand side. This posture is also great for snorers. But relaxing in a fetal position that’s turned up too tightly can regulate breathing in your diaphragm.

And it can transmit you considering a bit uncomfortable in the morning, especially if you have osteoarthritis in your joints or spine. Check these pains by leveling out your body as generous as you can, preferably of tucking your jawbone into your breast and drawing your knees up above. You can also reduce the stress on your haunches by putting a pillow within your knees.


Lack of sleep affects weight loss, from your food choices to ability to burn calories. Commit with yourself to have a quality sleep, and you will see a random decrease in the number of pounds. You will be refreshed and re-energized after getting a sound sleep. Insomnia weight loss issue is resolved with the help of these tips. Just changing sleeping hours can show pleasant changes in life and sleeping on right lose weight sleeping position will also decrease your weight.

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Can sleeplessness cause weight loss?

Losing out of sleep or lack of sleep can create different problems in the body that leads towards weight gain. The bodies hormones are highly disturbed because of lack of sleep, insomnia patient is more likely to gain weight. Hence, sleeplessness can only cause weight gain.

Does sleeping make you lose weight?

According to studies, sleeping actually does not make you lose weight, only a limited amount of sleep is good for health and for better results you should consider lose weight sleeping position. Sleeping well will improve your body metabolism rate and make you active. Lack of sleep cause you weight gain but oversleep can never lose weight.

Does sleeping late make you gain weight?

People who are habitual of eating and sleeping late at night are more likely to gain weight. Eating after 8:00pm can drastically increase your weight. Late sleepers are having more weight than early sleepers. Hence, sleeping late can make you gain weight.

How many calories do you burn sleeping for 8 hours?

Sleeping 8 hours a day is very good because you are burning calories during sleeping. According to researches, a person burns 0.42 calories in each hour of sleep. In one hour a 150lb person is capable of burning 63 calories in one hour. Isn’t it the easiest remedy for losing weight? Surely, it is.

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