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Foods to Avoid to Lose Weight

foods to avoid to lose weight

You must look at the foods to avoid to lose weight first before doing anything because everyone wants a healthy and perfect body which is possible only with a balanced diet and proper exercise, but if you take improper diet, the result of lengthy and hectic exercise will be zero. Our body needs balanced calories and cholesterol which should consist of minerals and vitamins. Fruits and vegetables and other edibles will play a significant and vital role in the maintenance of your health.

Speaking with honesty, you can eat whatever you want, and still, you can lose weight until your calorie intake is appropriately balanced and you are following a perfect diet plan. See how you can lose weight by eating perfect and tasty foods with perfect calories by clicking on Perfect and Tasty Diet Plan for Weight Loss by Expert Doctors

Excess calories intake could produce unnecessary fats and could cause many diseases. Such foods which consist of Trans fats. Saturated fat, Sugar, and cholesterol rapidly increase your Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol or LDL level and decrease your High-Density Lipoprotein cholesterol or HDL level which causes weight gain and many other diseases.

There is a short but compelling list of such foods to avoid to lose weight:

foods to avoid to lose weight
foods to avoid to lose weight

Dairy Foods to Avoid to Lose Weight

Milk is the best source of protein and calcium. Mostly dairy products are prepared with cow milk. Cow milk has fat, carbohydrates, protein, calcium, vitamin B12. 100-gram milk has 46 calories. Milk is Lactose, and in some people, their digestive system is too sensitive to digest Lactose. The calories and fats in milk can cause weight gain.  The dairy products like cheese and butter are very high in calories and fats even they have more calories than milk which makes them one of the foods to avoid to lose weight because if you are on your way to lose weight, then you should restrict yourself from a high-calorie intake and high amount of fats.

Cookies, Cakes, and Pastries

Cookies, cakes, and pastries are filled with ingredients which are unhealthy like refined flour and added sugar. Sometimes, they also contain artificial trans fats which are very harmful and can be the cause of many diseases. These things are not satisfying, and you will become hungry very soon after eating these things because they are high in calories and low in nutrients and high-calorie foods will undoubtedly increase your weight. That is why your diet plan should be well planned and well observed. If you wanted to eat something sweet and you are craving for it then go for dark chocolate instead but do not look for cookies, cakes, and pastries because they are one of the foods to avoid to lose weight.


Beef is full of protein and fat. 100 gram beef contains 250 calories. 1 gram provides 4 calories. Beef includes enough Zinc and Iron. Most parts of red meat consist of saturated fats. Intake of two to four ounce of meat in a week is good for health, but excess consumption may cause weight gain. A research proved that chances of cancer in those who eat an excess of red meat is 40% more than vegetarians.


Potatoes offset your sugar level, and you will start overeating which automatically causes fattening. Regular intake of potatoes is dangerous for health. 100 grams of potatoes contain 77 calories. If you eat more than 4 potatoes in a week, it not only lead you toward fat but also high blood pressure, cancer, and hypertension. Potatoes contain high-glycemic index carbohydrates. Use of potatoes is not dangerous, but its enough use is that is why we recommend putting potatoes in the list of foods to avoid to lose weight.

Potato Chips and French Fries

Potatoes are not healthy if you take them in an excess amount. However, we cannot deny the fact that potatoes are healthy if we intake adequate amount and our calorie intake does not exceed the daily limit needed by our body. However, fried potato chips and French fries are injurious to our health. If you take it in excess or not, they are still dangerous and fattening agents because of the vast amounts of oil absorbed in them.

Simple potatoes are healthy and filling, but when they are in the form of chips or fries, they are incredibly high in calories. In one of the study, French fries or potato chips are found to be more weight gaining foods than any of the other foods. Therefore, you must not include them in your diet because they are one of the foods to avoid to lose weight.


1 gram contains an abundant amount of vitamin B, chlorine, calcium, iron, potassium and a lot of other. 100 gram boiled egg contains 155 calories. Eating 3 eggs in a day is safe for health, but overeating may increase your weight. Eggs contain enough cholesterol which may cause fattening.

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Healthy fats and Omega-3 fatty acids are present in fish. 100-gram fish contains 206 calories. Salmon and tuna contain many calories. Excess use of fish foods especially fish oil may cause fat at a dangerous level. Thus, fish is one of the foods to avoid to lose weight.

Fish is full of proteins but it does not mean that proteins can cause weight gain. In fact, you can lose weight through a high protein diet. For this check High Protein Diet For Weight Loss and Improving Health and Fitness

Sugar and Sugary Foods

Sugary food like cakes, cookies, and sugary drinks may cause fattening. Sugar beverages like soda, cold beverages are one of the worst and unhealthiest foods ever found on this planet. They have disastrous effects on health if they are consumed in excess and are strongly associated with weight gain.

387 calories are present in 100-gram sugar making it perfect to put in the list of foods to avoid to lose weight. Sugar has no natural metabolism, and it is an artificial food. With an excess sugar intake, you may become an addict. Sugar contains fructose in a tremendous amount. Regular sugar contains 50 % fructose. Intake of sugar in any form makes you fat.


Daily consumption of Avocado is not suitable for health. 101 grams of avocado contains 161 calories, and those calories cause weight gain. Half avocado contains 141 calories and 25 grams of fats. It is recommended to eat only 1/6th of this fruit daily because it helps you to overcome your weight when taken in small amounts, but enough use may cause obesity that is why you should not eat avocado in large amount so that you could lose weight quickly.


Coconut palm tree has the fruit of coconut, and it is totally fat. Its flesh is usually sweet and dry. It is high in sugar as well as fat and calorie content. Every single cup of coconut has 466 calories (Click here to see what should be your daily calorie intake?) which is the very high amount. Thus you should avoid coconut or coconut oil because it is one of the foods to avoid to lose weight.

Fast Food

Enough intake of fast food makes you use to it. 100 grams of fast food contains 295 calories. Enough oil is used in preparing fast food, and 884 calories are present in 100-gram oil .simply, fast food contains many calories that you cannot imagine, and those calories lead you towards fats and diseases.


Sweet sugary mangoes contain 60 calories in every 100 gram. It also comprises Glycamine index which causes weight gain.


Salt has no calories, but this harmless looking salt may also cause weight gain. It is Sodium chloride. Salt release Dopamine and Neurotransmitter present in our brain feel good. It slowly makes us use to it. You think craving to eat salty food which may cause weight gain. It also increases the Urine level. Thus you should put is excess use in the list of foods to avoid to lose weight.

White Bread

White bread is made up of highly refined flour, and it often contains a lot of sugars. There are high amounts of glycemic, and it can thin your blood sugar levels. In one study of more than 9000 people, they observed that eating two slices or 120 grams of white bread per day increases risks of weight gain to 40%.

It does not mean that you cannot eat bread. Fortunately, there are many other types of bread which you can eat like Ezekiel Bread, oopsie bread, almond flour bread and corn flour bread.

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Most Fruit Juices

Mostly the fruit juices which are found in the market very rarely contains real fruits. Mostly, they are artificially prepared flavors which are highly loaded and processed with sugar. You can easily compare them with soda because they contain as much as sugars as are in soda and sometimes more.

Somehow, you manage to get pure fruit juice; still, it has sugar in it, and also it has no fibers in it which mean it does not require chewing. This means that a glass of mango juice will not fill you as a mango itself fills you, and you will consume large quantities of calories in a short amount of time while your appetite remains the same.

That is why you should put yourself away from the fruit juice and eat whole fruit instead because the main agenda of this article is to tell you about the foods to avoid to lose weight so that you could lose weight.


Alcohol has more calories than it has carbs and proteins. All types of alcohols can cause weight gain if you take them in excess. Alcohol has many other harmful effects on our health other than weight gain. However, we are discussing weight gain foods than it is one of them and you should avoid drinking in an excess amount.

Refined Grains

Many people love to eat rice, white pasta, cereals, cookies, and bagels but the sad thing is that all the refined grains have been processed in a way that all the fibers and essential nutrients are removed.

When there are no fibers in any food, you will always feel less full no matter how much you eat which always leads you to overeat.

As the refined grains digest much more quickly, they can result in a spike in human blood which over-secrete the insulin, and that insulin is later on stored as fat. On the other hand, whole grains are full of fibers and nutrients, and they are digested more slowly causing more stable blood sugar levels.

Ice Cream

Well, ice cream is very delicious, and none would ever want to put it in the list of foods to avoid to lose weight but unfortunately, it is very high in calories, and most of its types are heavily loaded with sugars making it super unhealthy. However, a small scoop of ice cream is okay now and then, but I am sure that you cannot stop yourself from eating its large amount in one sitting because of its taste.

If you cannot survive or it is difficult for you to survive without ice cream than consider making your own ice cream at your home with fewer sugars and healthier ingredients and also serve yourself in a small amount so that you won’t end up overeating and increasing the number of calories in your body.

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Dry Fruits

Put the dried fruits like dates in the list of the foods to avoid to lose weight because it can be a wrong choice to eat dates when you are trying to lose weight. The reason why you should avoid dates is that its one cup contains 502 calories and 113 grams of sugar.

Raisins also fall into the same category, and they should be avoided too because they are also one of the highest calorie fruits. One cup of raisins contains 436 calories that is why you should avoid dried fruits like dates and raisins while you are on your way to losing weight.


Fast foods are always unhealthy and cause obesity in most of the cases. However, pizza is favorite fast food, and all the pizzas made at a commercial level are very unhealthy.

They are incredibly high in calories, and most of the times they contain unhealthy ingredients like processed meat and highly refined flour. Processed meat is not suitable for your health so is refined flour which is also one of the foods to avoid to lose weight and already discussed in the section of refined grains.

Nuts or Seeds

Nuts and seeds are one of the healthiest and most important foods for humans to include in their diet. They have such fats and fibers which are very healthy for the heart. They also contain important nutrients like magnesium.

Despite all these benefits, there is a catch. A quarter cup of almonds contains 200 calories which means a cup full of almonds would have more than 800 calories if they are not roasted because roasting uses oil which adds more calories in them.

You can consider these facts and decide either you are going to lose weight or gain weight while eating nuts and seeds. My team of expert nutritionists and I have already put them into the list of foods to avoid to lose weight because you cannot accept any extra calories into your body when you are trying to lose weight.

Coffee Drinks (High Calorie)

Simple coffee contains several biologically active substances like caffeine. These elements boost your metabolism rate and increase your body’s fat burning for a short-term, and you lose weight.

However, people add some unhealthy ingredients like sugar and artificial cream which outweigh the above mentioned positive effect. The addition of these unhealthy substances makes coffee a high-calorie coffee which is no better than soda.

So if you like coffee then stick to the plain, black coffee when you are trying to lose weight because of its fat burning property. Adding a little milk or cream is fine but avoid adding sugar and other high-calorie ingredients.


Simple milk contains a lot of calories than a skimmed milk. Adding sugar into it makes it unhealthier for you while you are losing weight. It is recommended that you should drink skimmed milk which is far less in calories than the pure milk and it helps you in your weight loss program. Therefore, put the pure milk in the list of the foods to avoid to lose weight and bring skimmed milk into your diet plan.

Processed Foods

Processed foods include processed meats, canned foods packed in syrup and packaged snacks. Low-Level processing like freezing vegetables and fruits does not affect the nutritional level of those foods.

But, if the foods are processed in a way that sugar, salt or fat is added to it, then it could be harmful to your health because these extra additions would add extra calories and fats which leads the human body to gain weight.

Sometimes, the food is processed at a high level which includes emulsifiers, sweeteners, colors, preservatives, and flavors (most of them are artificial). All these additional salts, sugars, fats and artificial additives promote weight gain. Therefore, extend your list of foods to avoid to lose weight and add processed foods on that list and never eat any processed food when you are trying to lose weight.

Advice for Free

Always read the labels of the foods before buying so that you could have the idea of healthy and unhealthy food and the number of calories going in your body. Beware of the different names for sugar and false health claims which can cause misleading. Never eat dried fruits, nuts and cheese too much because they are very high in calories and you can eat them too much very easily.

A well-known nutritionist said ‘ A man is what he’. No doubt, enough intake of fats, calories, and cholesterol makes you fat, but the fat-free food is more dangerous for health because it depletes the level of carbohydrates which cause weight gain which is not only unhealthy but also unsafe. So, to have a quality and healthy life must eat balanced and healthy food.

What are the 3 foods to avoid to Lose Weight?

This is the first question appeared in the google which is asked by the people. I have clearly mentioned the foods to avoid to lose weight in the above discussion. Moreover, making the discussion more compact, the three foods which you should avoid are the junk foods, sugary foods and drinks and dairy products.

What should I not eat to lose weight fast?

If you wanted to lose weight fast? Then avoid all the foods which are mentioned in this article. You will see the difference by yourself.

What are the 5 foods you should never eat to lose weight?

I think it is a little bit difficult to specify the 5 worst foods which should be avoided while you are trying to lose weight because all the above-mentioned foods are dangerous for you when you are on a way to lose weight. For your ease, I would suggest the most high-calorie foods to avoid to lose weight.

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